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Bulk Voice Call Service | Automated Voice Calling Service

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As you know bulk voice service had been in use for past many years now. bulk voice marketing service had been most cost effective and efficient way to reach mass audience. At RKV It Solution we have built innovative solution in bulk voice service, that ensure you get 100% voice delivery in very short time and on top of that you also get voice call delivery report in our online portal. That means now you get exact mobile number of person who heard your voice call and how long. So, now if you are running a automated voice campaign using our portal, you will get exact date and time when person received voice call. And also if he/she listed it or disconnected directly, you will get auto refund for failed voice calls.

Automated Bulk Voice Service :

  • As a automated bulk voice service provider, we have been delivering innovative mobile calling services across India. And specialize in offering best bulk voice service and voice gateway services in India. Our Bulk Voice package is loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry. You cannot find all such features together at an affordable price anywhere else. There are few vendor that claim to offer SIM Based voice calling software. However biggest challenge with that system is that it's very slow and you need to assign dedicated resource to run and manage campaigns.

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