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Bulk SMS Service : Promotional SMS Plan | Transactional SMS Plan

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We are bulk sms service provider and had been in use for past 08 years now. And as a top bulk sms company we had been offering sms marketing service at most cost effective and efficient way to reach mass audience. And incase you want to send notifications, OTP or alerts our transactional sms service is best and cost effective solution. If you are using API for sending unique message to each number is very easy then we have sms api gateway. However if you are using promotional sms service then send unique message is not possible from web-portal. To ensure that our sms gateway service is stable we have strong backup network.

At RKV IT Solution we have built innovative solution in bulk sms service, that ensure you get 100% sms delivery in very short time and on top of that you also get SMS Open Rate Captured real-time in our online portal.

There are basically 3 types of SMS services available :

  • Transactional SMS Service – Used for OTP, Alerts, Reminders, Notification & Personalized Messages. This service is only used by business to send mass personalized message to subscribed users only. This type of messages are delivered 24x7 on both DND and NON-DND Numbers. And to make process automated at user-end as well. API integration codes are available that customer can use to easily integrate there existing system directly with our SMS Gateway.
  • Promotional SMS Service – This service is majorly used by marketing companies or agency to do mass promotion or marketing via SMS. These messages are delivered to only NON-DND numbers as per TRAI guidelines. These messages are broadcasted during day-time only. However 99% cases the SMS Service provider companies don't have capability to confirm if every sms is delivered or who had seen or read SMS.
  • URL Tracking Based Promotional SMS Service – At RKV It Solution we strongly believe in doing new Innovation and offer more customer friendly solutions. Our URL Tracking based Bulk SMS Service ensure anyone who reads your sms you get to know its identity. Similar to what you have in Bulk Email Service . We offer sms open rate, this is highly beneficial for customers. Using our unique URL Tracking Based SMS Service they can now know exact open rate of sms and reconnect the interested leads too.

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